Red Basilica Hotel

Our hotel , which has differently decorated 7 rooms and 1 Suite , is located in the heart of old Bergama minutes by the Temple of Serapis ( Red Basilica ) and 10 minutes walking distance by Acropol.

It’s opposite of The Temple of Serapis which is the most important historical places in Bergama, when sipping your coffee, you will feel yourself in this history, it’s is at your service soon with its own unique decoration. So what's our menu: Pergamum's famous goat cheese, Uncle Eşref made his own hands his famous cream for years Our breakfast with Kozak Plateau's world famous pine honey and turkish bagels Italian flavored Riboa coffee varieties My mother's portfolio spectacular omelette with cheddar curd Vegetarian pita like pizza Stew with vegetables, meatballs and fishes Our mosaic cake using only chocolate and biscuit As quick choice, big portion macaroni. Various beers in ice cold glasses, Hoşköy's award-winning Melen - Ganahora series wines and Bozcaada Corvus wines.